March 31, 2009

John the Baker

This restaurant can proudly call itself a dining staple of many households in the area with both its take-out and dine-in options. We remember John the Baker most fondly as the host of the pizza parties from our childhood and considering its longevity, much of Stamford can probably say the same. As a true family restaurant, John the Baker offers much more than just pizza on its lengthy menu and is very accommodating to many different tastes.

Establishment. To get this out of the way, John the Baker has one of the worst on-site parking situations we've seen with a couple cramped stalls in front that necessitate backing out onto one of Stamford's busier streets upon leaving (if you luck out and find a spot, that is). That said, there's not too many more bad things to say about this establishment. After trotting over from the bank parking lot across the street, we were welcomed by a friendly staff and a low-lit, inviting dining room. With plenty of seating options for large and small parties and a comprehensive menu of traditional Italian fare, John the Baker has all of its bases covered. We would have appreciated a more attentive waitstaff, as we waited a little too long for refills and our bill, but it was a great experience overall at a restaurant that we would happily revisit.

Pizza. John the Baker makes a very, very good pizza. While the relatively under-flavored crust leaves something to be desired, it was cooked with the perfect amount of char and crispness. The cheese was tasty and of very good quality while the sauce was phenomenally well seasoned. The flavors in this pizza were very robust and came together nicely, however, this pie hit the table hot out of the oven and was a bit too gooey so we had to give it a chance to really set up and cool slightly. The sausage topping we ordered was about average and lacked the flavor to supplement the rest of the pizza but overall, we were very impressed with John the Baker's product save for these few minor details.

The bottom line. John the Baker is a great place to go for an excellent pizza and has much to offer as a family restaurant as well.

Establishment: 22/30
Pizza: 23/30
Hits the Spot: 9/10
Large Cheese: $12.00

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2009 – Best of Bull’s Head

2009 – Tournament Finalist (3rd place)

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  1. I love the Little John pie with Shrimp. One of the best pies in town.


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