June 15, 2009

Sergio's Pizza Restaurant

Located on East Main, Sergio's is built for locals with little to no flair, quick service, and a menu that is reasonably priced by 1989 standards.

Establishment. Sergio's is a relatively large restaurant with ample parking, flexible seating, and the personality of a coatroom. Marked by furniture reminiscent of your high school cafeteria, this restaurant has no frills whatsoever, capped off by dingy, brown, Wendy's-esque greenhouse windows and long, pink tables. The service was quick but minimally personable and attentive; our waitress exchanged only a few words with us before making herself scarce and darting around the laughably understaffed dining room. However, Sergio's offers an extensive menu including traditional Greek and Italian specialties, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, seafood, beer and wine, in addition to traditional Greek pan pizza. Almost everything on the menu is dirt cheap, which makes us think that one waitress is really all that Sergio's can afford to staff without going belly up.

Pizza. Sergio's makes an excellent pizza. This Greek-style pie has a traditional, buttery pan crust, cooked to golden brown perfection. As is the norm with Greek pies we've had, the cheese was immensely flavorful and twice as greasy, congealing rather fast but with a good overall taste. The sauce, while in relative short supply, was also rather tasty, light, and well seasoned with a bit of a tang to it, complementing the otherwise heavy pie pretty well. Worth mentioning is a rather rare, slice-to-slice inconsistency issue we noticed, as most of the pizza was as described, but some select slices had excessive sauce, some had cheese slip-sliding around with a mind of its own, and some were really soggy with oil (but they were all cut into stupid square slices so chalk that up as another reason not to do that!). Our topping of choice, sausage, was average, but nothing special adding further masses of oil to an already slicked up, glistening pie. All in all, this pizza was exceptional, with all the makings of a good Greek pizza: mediocre indgredients that inexplicably Hit the Spot with deadly accuracy.

The bottom line. Sergio's has some tables, some chairs, a waitress, and a very good, very cheap pizza.

Establishment: 20/30
Pizza: 21/30
Hits the Spot: 8.7/10
Large Cheese: $9.00

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  1. I used to live a block from Sergios and ate there all the time. True story: One time I was stopping at Sergios to pick up a pie on the way home from work when an unlicensed driver in an unregistered car sideswiped me. It was late -- almost closing time -- so I called to let them know I wouldn't make it on time. So the Sergios guys drove up the rode, delivered my pizza (and a liter of soda), and refused my money. Now THAT is service. I love Sergios pies (they can be a bit greasy, but it's worth it) and can vouch for their consistency. Plus, the parking is extra secure, as they almost always have at leaast a couple police officers dining there.



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