April 18, 2009

Frascati Restaurant & Pizza

Located in the Newfield Green shopping center, Frascati doesn't have much local competition to speak of aside from Belltown. With that said, Frascati offers much more than such a cookie-cutter neighborhood pizzeria with its full menu, casual dining options, and table service that is not exactly commonplace in the Newfield area.

Establishment. Frascati is an extraordinarily nice looking restaurant. Greeting you as you walk in is an unprecedentedly attractive hardwood vestibule beyond which is a dimly lit, intimate dining room, not unlike that of Luigi's. While relatively small, Frascati manages to pack quite a few tables into their fancy premises. Their menu reads like a laundry list of fine Italian dishes including traditional appetizers and pasta entrees, while their wine list reads...well, like a wine list. The service was friendly and prompt, there were freshly baked and seemingly white hot dinner rolls, and the feel of the restaurant was overwhelmingly positive. Frascati looks and feels like a quaint Italian restaurant that also happens to serve pizza.

Pizza. Unfortunately, we can't be nearly as positive about Frascati's pizza as we've been about the restaurant itself. The crust is super thin and absolutely void of any crispness whatsoever. The sauce was very heavily seasoned with oregano, as was the pie itself making for a rather tasty base on which mounds of mediocre (albeit heavily oreganoed) cheese were forced to settle. The pizza came to the table scorching hot and the mass of cheese and delicious homemade sausage promptly slid right off the pie, making for a very cumbersome product that fell apart faster than the Yankees' middle relief. Frascati's combines average ingredients, very good toppings, a metric ton of oregano, and a frustratingly unworkable texture to make a decidedly mediocre pie.

The bottom line. Frascati is a very nice restaurant, but their pizza is nothing to write home about. Also, oregano.

Establishment: 25/30
Pizza: 16/30
Hits the Spot: 5/10
Large Cheese: $11.95

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  1. I hear they have gluten free pizza. I think we'll check it out tonight.

  2. This one is closed. Now occupied by Ricos/Rikos.


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