April 20, 2009

SBC Restaurant & Brewery

Located in downtown Stamford, SBC Restaurant & Brewery is exactly what it sounds like it is. Operating primarily as a bar in several locations in Connecticut, SBC specializes in microbrews and admittedly upscale bar food including but certainly not limited to brick oven pizza.

Establishment. SBC is a brewpub in downtown Stamford equipped with all sorts of copper brewing tanks and a full bar, which is cool in its own right and certainly adds to the uniqueness factor. However, the atmosphere from the bar side tends to trickle over into the otherwise large, comfortable restaurant side, ushering in crappy music, bar service (read: slow, inattentive, terse), and drunk people. The brewery element does not go without notice either, as the restaurant carries a diverse selection of microbrews and has an industrial air that feels surprisingly genuine and necessary. SBC also has a full menu including hamburgers, steaks, salads, and other traditional bar fare in addition to pizza.

Pizza. SBC boasts a brick oven pizza with a tasty cracker-like crust and such an abundance of char that it might as well have been burnt. While just the right amount of cheese topped our pie (a welcome change to the cheese mountains we've been subjected to as of late), it left something to be desired in the flavor department as well. However, SBC's phenomenal sauce managed to carry this pizza through the flavor doldrums, adding a perfectly seasoned, perfectly proportioned element to an otherwise average pie. Possibly aware of its latent boringness, SBC manages to deliver a super thin New York style crust, cut Greek style (read: asinine square slices), on a large cookie sheet that makes the product pretty cumbersome to eat (also difficult to swallow was the astronomical $15 price tag). Idiosyncrasies aside, SBC puts together an above average pizza that's likely one of the better pies you'll find at a bar, but certainly not the highlight of their menu.

The bottom line. SBC is a brew pub that's clearly focused on things that aren't pizza; considering this, they make a fairly good product.

Establishment: 21/30
Pizza: 20/30
Hits the Spot: 8/10
Large Cheese: $15.00

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