March 8, 2009

Planet Pizza

Planet Pizza is a smallish pizza chain with six other locations outside of Stamford. They offer online ordering, pizza by-the-slice, and are within walking distance of many office complexes in town. Not to be confused with Michelina's mythical 18" pie, Planet's pizza actually measures 18" in diameter and as it turns out, that's the only unique thing about it.

Establishment. We'd be hard pressed to say that the Planet Pizza experience doesn't feel like a manufactured one. Aside from the sub-par (read: slow, very slow) counter service, Planet Pizza offers a relatively delightful atmosphere with large, spotless tables, booths that can easily fit three to a side, and outdoor seating. Everything is arranged very methodically and as such, the restaurant can probably fit many, many more people than it's two stall parking lot allows for. That said, this antiseptic dining room has very little character and all the markings of a chain.

Pizza. Manufactured or not, Planet Pizza offers a pretty decent product. With a sizable, breadlike New York style crust, a generous sprinkling of slightly above average cheese, and moderately tasty sauce, Planet's product is good, hot out of the oven. Just good. Time is not kind to any of the parties involved, as everything loses too much of its zing once the behemoth pie begins to cool, including the topping of choice (sausage) which did not impress from the beginning.

The bottom line. Planet Pizza offers a big, average pizza and big, clean tables at which to eat it.

Establishment: 21/30
Pizza: 18/30
Hits the Spot: 7/10
Large Cheese: $13.99 (18")

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  1. Our parking lot actually has 13 spots with two more on-street spots out front.

  2. ...filled mostly with the 11 delivery cars.

  3. I like Planet despite the fact that it is a chain, the staff are friendly and treat you well. Sure the delivery drivers take up most of the parking but they are always moving in and out so there is always parking available. While a little more expensive than most, slices are cut from an 18" pie so they are enormous and fresh. Delivery service is exceptional and they have some very creative pies. Try the Baked Ziti or the Steak Gorgonzola pie. Another great one is the square spinach.

  4. why would anyone go to planet pizza and spend double the price and pay $3 for delivery, when you can go to ridgeway pizza and or sorrentos for that matter and pay alot less and get an excellent product,ridgeway pizza has a $10 minimum on delivery anywhere in stamford and its family owned and operated,planet is way to expensive and the product is fair at best,i mean compared to dominos its better,but if youre looking for real italian pizza ridgeway is the way to go,excellent pizza ,for sit down with family sorrentos is also really good,also ive heard pellicis is also good,but anyhow ive always ordered from ridgeway pizza especially for delivery,ive tryed different pizza places in stamford and to me ridgeway is a real good pizza,by the way there dinners are also great,good night

  5. I ate here once... never went back. "Average" sums it up. Not bad, but there are better spots just blocks away, so pick up some ice cream at DQ across the street and keep going.

  6. I think the commenters above are too generous to Planet Pizza. I think Planet Pizza is one of the worst pizza places I have ever been to (if not THE worst).

    Truthfully, I think all of Stamford's pizza is a disaster (with the exceptions of Colony and a dark horse - Spazzio)


  8. to pizza above,ive been reading the pizza blogs,it seems you have something against ridgeway pizza and everyone else,except colony,very uncool pizza,i do not see how you could believe ridgeways pizza sauce could be bland,how many free beers did you get from colony to do this to these pizza places,lol
    lay of the booze at colony,good night,tony


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