March 25, 2009

Spazzio Restaurant & Pizza

The self-proclaimed "authority on fine dining," Spazzio Restaurant & Pizza is (quite unsurprisingly) a restaurant first and a pizzeria second. Offering an exquisite dine-in experience as well as fast, high quality dine-out options, Spazzio clearly specializes in the customer service and detail that one would expect of a fine Italian restaurant. They also make a pretty good pizza.

Establishment. Spazzio has a large, extravagant dining room (by Pizza Tour standards, at least) with friendly service, complementary dinner rolls, and cloth napkins; the three pillars of class. This restaurant really stands out as one of the nicest establishments we've been to yet, providing all sorts of unnecessary amenities that one could not possibly expect of a pizzeria including a pepper mill boy, a cheese grater guy, and a fully stocked bar. That said, Spazzio also offers traditional Italian fare on a menu that goes far beyond pizza.

Pizza. Spazzio's pizza was very good, but still left something to be desired. The crust was very flavorful and uniquely yeasty, the cheese was of very high quality, and the sauce was perfectly seasoned. In fact, the flavor of the pie was unbelievable, however the texture was like that of a basset hound's ear. This pizza crust was perfectly thin but so far from crisp that it almost felt undercooked, behaving more like dough than a true crust. Coupled with its extremely hot temperature, Spazzio's floppy pizza proved rather difficult to eat. Save for a single shortcoming however, this pie was excellent and flavorful with ingredients of the highest quality.

The bottom line. Spazzio is a fine Italian restaurant that serves a less-than-crisp but otherwise very good, extremely flavorful pizza.

Establishment: 27/30
Pizza: 22/30
Hits the Spot: 8/10
Large Cheese: $12.00

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2009 – Best Establishment

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