May 1, 2009

Fiddler's Green

Located in the Cove, Fiddler's Green faces pretty stiff local competition from many local pizzerias nearby. That said, they offer quite a different product from the average restaurant as well as a pub atmosphere serving pizza and similar bar foods up until last call.

Establishment. Fiddler's is a bar and a pretty well kept bar at that. Comfortable (albeit somewhat limited) seating in Fiddler's dining room and bar frames exactly what one would expect from a bustling pub atmosphere: a place to drink. Pool tables, dart boards, wall-mounted televisions, and various arcade cabinets employing trackballs provide more than enough activities for the average drunkard, and the place is pretty clean for the more discriminating sober folk that may somehow find their way in here. The service is more than hospitable (and pretty quick for a bar) and the decor is both charming and overwhelmingly Irish. Fiddler's menu consists of the usual pub fare (sandwiches, burgers, salads) as well as Irish specials and personal 12" bar pies.

Pizza. The thing about bar pizzas is that they're made under the impression that the eventual consumer will probably be on their way to a drunken stupor. That said, Fiddler's pie is about on par with the other bar pizzas we've had and certainly isn't terrible. This pizza's crust is thin, crispy, and surprisingly flavorful with a generous amount of char. The cheese is considerably less so, with the consistency and blandness of any inexpensive bagged cheese you'd buy at the Grade-A (which is rather conspicuously located right across the street...). The sauce on this pizza, however, tasted fresh and relatively well-seasoned. The pie's texture left something to be desired, as it was cooked to a cracker like consistency and often detracted from both the overall flavor and the pizza's ability to stay intact. Our topping, Irish sausage, tasted like what we'd assume is a traditional Irish banger with the snap of a natural casing and the taste of a meat we'd prefer not to guess on seasoned with whatever the hell constitutes Irish seasoning, winning points for originality and uniqueness if nothing else. As a bar snack, Fiddler's Green serves an about average pie that would Irish jig itself into a less savory realm at any other location.

The bottom line. If you're going out for drinks and little pizzas, Fiddler's is the a place to go.

Establishment: 20/30
Pizza: 17/30
Hits the Spot: 5/10
Large Cheese: $8.00 (12")

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  1. Best pizza hands down. Love it and have it a couple of times a week. Good the next day also... Good breakfast.



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