March 27, 2009

Pappas Pizzeria

Not to be confused with The Original Pappas Pizza (Pappas I, for all intents and purposes), Pappas Pizzeria (Pappas II) is located on Hope Street in Glenbrook. Not unlike Pappas I, Pappas II is known for 10" personal pies, and the endless buy five, get one free promotion. However, Pappas II also offers online ordering with delivery. Incidentally, Pappas II also stakes claim as the best ("you've tried the rest, now try the best!"), so we'll have to put an end to this.

Establishment. Pappas offers a large menu with a laundry list of non-pizza items in addition to many specialty pies. Unlike Pappas I, Pappas II has a relatively spacious dining room that is both inviting and does not make one feel as if they are about to be hacked to death. Pappas large, comfortable booths are also a far cry away from the kitchen furniture that the other place has to offer and the overall experience felt a great deal cleaner, to say the very least (although the parking situation was equally nonexistent). The service was friendly and quick, and our table was bussed for us; so seriously, try the pizza.

Pizza. Its hard to call Pappas' pizza unique, as its pan crust and presentation are eerily similar to that of Pappas I and cost $2 more, but it's very good nonetheless. The pan crust was perfectly cooked, golden brown, and delicious while the cheese was above average and cooled no quicker than the rest of the pizza. As you might remember, this was a huge problem with the other Pappas' pizza and needless to say, we were quite delighted that Pappas II solved that dilemma. The sauce lacked some flavor, but was good overall. We noticed that our pie was allowed to sit for a few minutes before being delivered to the table which made for a slightly cooler pizza with much more coherent flavors that wasn't prone to falling apart like a budget Chinese sedan. Overall, Pappas Pizzeria offers a very good product and is clearly the best Pappas in town.

The bottom line. When we told Pappas Pizzeria they scored better than Pappas Pizza, they responded, "I could have told you that!"

Establishment: 18/30
Pizza: 21/30
Hits the Spot: 8/10
Large Cheese: $12.00

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  1. In the past few years I've stopped at Pappa's on Hope Street a couple times to pick up a pizza, and couldn't disagree with the "friendly" comment more. The employees there were dour, surly and unpleasant, with one even snapping at me "I'm busy" when there was no one else there and he preferred to futz with the oven than deal with the customer.

    Maybe if you want it delivered and don't have to deal with the people inside as well as the parking situation it's OK. But if you want Greek pizza, and are near Pappa's, there's absolutely no reason to go there when Hope Pizza is a 1/4 mile away.

  2. Oh we agree,

    Pappas II: 18-21-8
    Hope: 24-24-9

    However, we should note that Pappas offers a decidedly different type of pizza, especially if you're getting a couple different 10" pies. Both places have their merits, but the numbers do speak for themselves in this case.

  3. I have to strongly disagree with J about the unpleasant attitudes. I am a weekly loyal customer and have never experienced an unpleasant attitude. Maybe J got this gentelman on a bad day we all have those. Nonetheless, the pizza is excellent and the atmosphere is cozy. If you are in the mood for yummy Greek pizza then Pappas II is the place to go...beware of the location downtown.

  4. I gotta chime in on this... totally agree with "J" the Papa staff is downright surly and rude. I could understand it if they were serving great pizza but it is mediocre at best. Really no reason to go there

  5. Great Pizza, Wonderful staff and service (never had a bad custumer service experience) i have been ordering from there since 2001 till present and always enjoyed their business. Unlike other pizza places in the vicinity Pappa’s menu has a greater selection with an assortment of designer pizzas like the Maria Special or the Skinny Pizza (recommended). Delicious!!!


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