April 8, 2009

Springdale Pizza

Across the street from Vinny's, Springdale Pizza offers a unique alternative to both their atmosphere and product. A family owned and operated restaurant, Springdale offers a simple menu featuring Italian dishes, salads, wedges, and both traditional and Sicilian pizza.

Establishment. Springdale Pizza offers the environment one would expect of a local pizzeria. Family owned, Springdale's father/son outfit makes for a charming and friendly experience. Obviously not too concerned with frills, Springdale is decorated mostly with vendor swag and a handsome rug picturing a plucky Italian chef (incidentally, the rug also tripped a kid and sent his pizza flying...). Their moderately sized dining room was very comfortable for our party of four, and our table was meticulously set with admittedly gaudy ceramic plates right before our pizza hit the table. We suspect they knew that they were being rated, as other patrons in the restaurant seemed to be eating off fine paper goods.

Pizza. Its a good thing that we were eating off of regular plates, because this pizza would have turned the paper ones translucent. Aside from the divisive greasiness factor however, Springdale makes an excellent pizza. What stood out most were the incredible flavors present in their sauce. Well seasoned, fresh, and tasting of fresh crushed tomatoes, Springdale's sauce is some of the best we've come across so far. Their thin crust was baked to a fluffy and breadlike consistency while the cheese remained warm and gooey throughout the meal. The sausage topping we ordered was very generous albeit a bit lacking in flavor and came in the form of large, meaty chunks. Texture did suffer a bit, as the airy crust began to soak up some of the aforementioned grease by the second slice, but overall, we were very happy with this pie.

The bottom line. Springdale offers a traditional father/son pizzeria experience, making up for minor gaudiness with an excellent pizza.

Establishment: 18/30
Pizza: 23/30
Hits the Spot: 8.5/10
Large Cheese: $11.50

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2009 – Tournament Finalist (8th place)

1 comment:

  1. I will not tolerate any pizza that adds that noxious garlic powder to it.

    Plus, every time I have been to Springdale Pizza, 4 times which is 4 times too many, the place had that "dirty mop" stench.

    The pizza was decent, but I can't get past the garlic powder. I hate it and the eternal after taste.

    I would tolerate the mop issue (at least they make some attempt to be clean), but the garlic powder turned me off for good.


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