May 12, 2009

Liz Sue Bagels

Located in Stamford's Bull's Head shopping center, Liz Sue Bagels is known primarily for its long line of loyal customers and delectable bagel selection. This unorthodox stop on the Pizza Tour was the result of many emails suggesting their inclusion and Liz Sue's window decal advertising "PIZZA" to the masses.

Establishment. This is a bagel shop. Plain and simple. We don't know that they're bending over backwards to conform to the pizzeria model that we use to judge these places, nor do we really expect them to. There are a few little tables inside and outside what can only be loosely described as a dining room, as it actually serves to house the part of Liz Sue's line that doesn't spill outside and wrap around the building. Being as screamingly popular as they are, the counter service is as personable and lightning quick as is fitting of a local bagelry. Their menu consists primarily of bagels (surprise!) and various flavored cream cheeses, breakfast sandwiches, and puzzlingly enough: pizza.

Pizza. Liz Sue's pizza is only sold by-the-slice and is cut from an unprecedentedly massive 24" pie. It's made in batches and kept in a pastry refrigerator until it's ordered, at which point its reheated in their massive bagel oven, wrapped in tin foil, and packed to go. While highly unconventional (and in blatant violation of our "once it goes cold, it stays cold" maxim), there's no denying that this pizza is downright filling if nothing else. The crust is the centerpiece of this entire pie; founded on Liz Sue's delicious bagel dough, it was chewy and uniquely dense, thus giving our jaws quite the workout and going together rather well with cream cheese. Their sauce tastes canned (and probably is, all things considered) and their cheese is nothing special. Being premade, Liz Sue's pizza is also devoid of toppings, so we were naturally unable to rate them. Overall, this pizza was unique, filling, and good for a quick lunch, but nothing spectacular in terms of flavor.

The bottom line. Liz Sue sells bagels, but if you're in the mood for a comically huge slice of a unique bagel pizza hybrid for $2.50, this is the only place to go.

Establishment: 14/30
Pizza: 17/30
Hits the Spot: 6.5/10
Large Cheese: $2.50 (slice)

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2009 – Bageliest Pizza

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