March 15, 2009

Westover Pizza

Only open since February 1st of this year, Westover Pizza is easily the newest pizza restaurant on our tour and a welcome addition to Stamford's robust pizza selection. Westover boasts its affiliations with both John the Baker and Michael's, bringing to mind some of the better pies in town and setting some high expectations to say the least.

Establishment. With an obvious lean towards take-out, Westover Pizza has a very small dining room that can accommodate 2-3 small parties at best with no restrooms to speak of. However, they make more than due with what they have with sparkling clean tables, a delightful staff, a considerably large menu, and a glorious vaulted ceiling that doubles as pizza box storage. Westover competes valiantly with full-fledged pizza restaurants and was surprisingly accommodating given its small size.

Pizza. Westover's pizza is pretty good. The char on their perfectly thin, New York style crust couples very well with above average quality cheese on a screaming hot pizza. However, we felt that there was a bit too much sauce on our pie and that the excess of sauce was largely underwhelming in terms of flavor. Judges' heads butted with regard to the pizza's texture, as it was less crisp than most we've had but as perfectly cooked as a NY/Italian style pie could be (see: Ridgeway). Suffice it to say, this disagreement is merely a matter of taste. Westover clearly puts out an above average product and will work hard to make its way into Stamford's pizza landscape as a new favorite.

The bottom line. Westover Pizza is the new guy in town and there's no reason not to welcome them to the neighborhood by enjoying a very good pizza, hot out of their oven.

Establishment: 18/30
Pizza: 20/30
Hits the Spot: 7/10
Large Cheese: $11.95

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  1. Westover Pizza is very, very good and their eegplant parmigiana is the best in town !

  2. best in town there slices there subs there pasta its the best i got atleast 3 times a week and a very friendly staff

  3. I have been following your pizza tour and agree with most comments but have to disagree on Westover. I had two slices to go quite reasonable at $2.00 each and I found the crust to be crispy with a decent char but a fairly smoky taste. The cheese was of decent quality but the sauce what little there was had no taste. I always look for a sauce with some spice to it (oregano, garlic, etc). The staff is friendly and I will go back and try something else as the place looks clean and inviting with a nice outdoor patio but they need to work on the sauce before their pizza is John the Baker level.

  4. Jeffrey, I think we can agree that the sauce was underwhelming flavor-wise. You seem to have ended up with not enough sauce, we ended up with a little too much but the flavors (or lack thereof) seem to have struck us all the same way. Thanks for the feedback.


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