March 17, 2009

Lucy's Pizza Parlor

Located on Stillwater Ave., Lucy's Pizza Parlor's harsh exterior may cause you to rethink your dining choice for the evening. You might be right, as Lucy's is a pizza parlor in name only and you will surely be taking out and eating at home. Regardless, Lucy's offers a unique product and specialty pies you're unlikely to come across at many other pizzerias.

Establishment. Lucy's Pizza Parlor clearly does not cater to the eat-in customer. Equipped with a Plexiglas shield and locked door between the counter and the waiting area, this pizza parlor seems to be very well prepared for anything short of a Gestapo-style ransacking. Needless to say, Lucy's is anything but warm and welcoming. Nonetheless, what we could gather about the service as our pizza was being slipped through a conveniently sized slot in the shield was more than favorable. In fact, Lucy's also has a very diverse menu, complete with the first (and presumably, only) Indian Spicy pizza we've seen on The Tour and shouldn't be judged by its cover so quickly.

Pizza. Lucy's pizza was one of the best looking pies we've seen. It's golden crust, perfectly browned cheese, and artful distribution of hot peppers made for a masterpiece of a pizza. That said, it was a bizarre but delightfully unique one to say the least. The crust had an odd, airy consistency (not unlike that of a sponge) yet remained crispy while the rather tasty cheese was served very crisp, forming a strange cheese shell that tended to cling to adjacent slices and tear them asunder. The sauce was also moderately flavorful. However, the texture was widely derided as its breadlike consistency was nothing like that of any respectable pizza any of us have ever tasted and negatively affected the overall product. It was weird. Strangely, everything came together to make a halfway decent pie that defied our better judgment.

The bottom line. Lucy's Pizza Parlor will make you feel as if you've taken your life into your own hands, but Lucy's pizza is decent albeit highly unconventional.

Establishment: 9/30
Pizza: 17/30
Hits the Spot: 7/10
Large Cheese: $11.25

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