April 23, 2009

Summer Street Deli & Pizza

Located rather unsurprisingly on Summer St., Summer Street Deli & Pizza seems to be open exclusively for breakfast and lunch (and presumably brunch) despite claims of being open until 8 pm. Its proximity to Planet Pizza may draw comparisons, but Summer Street offers a very different Greek style pizza (to Planet's New York/Neapolitan pie) and doesn't lie, straight-faced, about their abysmal parking situation.

Establishment. While near impossible to find open for dinner, Summer Street Deli & Pizza is surprisingly comfortable, larger than one would think from the outside, and a decent lunch option if you're in the area. We walked into a moderately sized dining room adjacent to a considerably large dining room, both of which smelled absolutely extraordinary. Unfortunately, these big, comfortable rooms were filled with tables as steady as Dane Cook is funny. Boasting family ownership since 1984, Summer Street's diverse menu consists of deli sandwiches, hot wedges, pasta dishes, Greek specials, and of course, pizza.

Pizza. Summer Street's pizza conforms to the traditional Greek pan mold with an airy, buttery crust that was cooked to perfection. The cheese and sauce were collectively average: both moderately flavorful and very complementary to the crust, but nothing extraordinary. The sausage, our topping of choice, was spastically strewn across the pizza and was also of average quality at best. As with most Greek pies, Summer Street's product tended to stew in its grease over the course of the meal, becoming less enticing with each additional (infuriatingly square) slice; this pie was considerably greasier than the rest, so this effect was noticeably amplified. That said, the last slice still wasn't terrible and managed to "hit the spot" quite effectively.

The bottom line. If you happen upon Summer Street Deli & Pizza and it's open, their pizza is worth trying, but don't expect to be blown away...expect to be full.

Establishment: 17/30
Pizza: 19/30
Hits the Spot: 7/10
Large Cheese: $12.00

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