March 4, 2009

Michelina's Pizza

North Stamford loves Michelina's Pizza for one reason: Michelina's Pizza delivers to North Stamford. Convenience is the only possible reason that anyone can enjoy the 16" garbage circles masquerading around as 18" pizzas from this loathsome hole. You would be best advised to disown any friend of yours that recommends Michelina's Pizza (unless they're mercifully recommending a non-pizza item) or at least offer to drive them to Speedy's.

Establishment. Driving up to Michelina's on a cold winter night, one might mistake it for a Roman bathhouse because the windows will be fogged up and unspeakable things will be happening inside. Michelina's looks more like a stock room than a pizzeria as it has no dining room to speak of and is designed strictly for take-out. The staff is very well-mannered via phone, Michelina's offers many reasonably priced ($5) non-pizza lunch specials, and the interior is as clean as stainless steel can be, but that's about it. Normally, this would be fine because its not unheard of to get extraordinarily good food from a proverbial hole in the wall. Unfortunately, this is not that hole in the wall.

Pizza. This is the unspeakable thing happening inside. Michelina's pizza is beyond abysmal. The crust feels, looks, and (one would imagine) tastes like wet cardboard. Cold, wet cardboard. The military should be doing research on the cheese because when it cools and congeals approximately an eighth of a second after coming out of the oven, it has the texture and bullet-stopping properties of Kevlar. Incidentally, the sauce has a unique ability to provide a tasteless medium on which the cheese may float indefinitely, independent from the crust. Only the provision of a binder clip could save Michelina's pizza from extreme ingredient slippage. Fortunately, ingredient slip was most welcome being as the sausage tasted like it had been soaking in a chlorinated pool before going onto that wretched pizza and into the oven.

The bottom line. Michelina's should not offer pizza. Seriously, every single thing on their menu that isn't pizza has got to be better than this pizza.

Establishment: 12/30
Pizza: 10/30
Hits the Spot: 2/10
Large Cheese: $11.95

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  1. I agree, everyone has a different taste in pizza, but I think the food there is the best in Stamford.Of course theres no dining room in a take out pizza place and they are not the only one delivering to north Stamford, I believe luigis, planet pizza,Ridgeway,pappas and dominos all deliver there.

  2. I don't live in north stamford and recently moved here from new york. Myself and all my friends from NY. all agree that Michelinas pizza is the closest pizza to NY style, if not better.I belong to the men's club at the italian center and we always order from Michelinas.
    tommy s.

  3. teachers from stamfordApril 8, 2009 at 3:30 PM

    Michelinas definately has the best slice of pizza in town.I think they also might have the best chicken parmagiana also.I go there at least 4 times a week and my food is always fresh and ready when I get there.

  4. To be clear, we separate Establishment and Pizza for a very good reason. No dining room = a low "Establishment" score. This has little to no bearing on our evaluation of Michelina's horrible pizza (see "Pizza" score).

    As we've said, "its not unheard of to get extraordinarily good food from a proverbial hole in the wall," this just isn't one of those places and as such, Michelina's suffered on both fronts.

  5. If any of you have anything negative to say about Michelinas Pizza - you have not been there is under new ownership - the new owner has culinary experience and the food is out of this world....they have the best pizza in town - the best wedges, salads and dinners in Stamford, CT......they deliver which is a plus....their food is tasty, fresh and absolutely delicious....kudos to the new owner and his excellent staff - which is very friendly by the way - I will not go anywhere ....this is the one stop for true tasty matter what you order on the menu - it is out of this world.....i have been referring everyone to go there and been raving about Michelinas...hats off to a excellent job to the new owner....keep up the good work - "Best Pizza in Stamford" .....


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