March 4, 2009

J & D's Pizza & Grill

J & D's is located somewhat off the beaten path on Fairfield Ave. This shouldn't dissuade you however, because they offer online ordering, free delivery, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. While their pizza is very good, you'd be hard pressed not to find something else on their extensive menu that will suit your taste as well.

Establishment. J & D's has a smallish dining room with enough space to fit a handful of small parties (3-4 people) comfortably and an outdoor patio that we were unfortunately unable to enjoy in the lion stages of March. Most aspects of this establishment were slightly above average, however they really won us over with complementary buffalo wings and drinks with the purchase of a large pizza. Eat your collective hearts out, complementary bread-giving restaurants, the bar has been raised. J & D's also has a very diverse menu ranging from burgers and salads to falafels and gyros as well as pizza (naturally). This, coupled with an extraordinarily kind, attentive, and accommodating staff made the overall J & D's experience a very good one.

Pizza. J & D's has all the makings of a very good pizza. The crust is buttery and crispy without being overcooked and dry throughout, the cheese is delicious and generously proportioned, and the sauce is flavorful (albeit tasting canned). The pie remained very hot throughout the meal and despite being a Greek-style pizza, was cut into slices the right way! The topping of choice (sausage) tended to cook down into little (very flavorful) grease saucers, but that's hardly enough to tarnish an otherwise excellent pie.

The bottom line. J & D's offers a very good pizza, stellar service, and wings that beat the hell out of dinner rolls any day.

Establishment: 22/30
Pizza: 22/30
Hits the Spot: 8/10
Large Cheese: $10.95

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