July 27, 2009

Superlative Awards

In our Tour of virtually every pizza restaurant in Stamford, we learned far more about each establishment than just how good its pizza is. We'd like to offer some superlatives to some of the places we've come across and enjoyed that you might want to venture to try, if not for excellent pizzas than for these intangibles.

Best Bang for Your Buck - Emilia's
This is awarded to the restaurant with the best Pizza and Hits the Spot scores per dollar spent. We paid just $9.00 and we got a delicious, monstrous 18" pizza, personable service, and a new go-to for quick lunches down the Cove.

Diamond in the Rough - Villa Italia
This award goes to the restaurant that absolutely wowed us with its charming atmosphere, reasonable prices, and very good pizza despite being located in a less-than-savory shopping center that certainly doesn't attract new customers. Go here.

Best Restrooms - Cove Restaurant
This goes, quite unsurprisingly, to the restaurant with the most exquisite restrooms a pizzeria can offer, which means a lot because we've visited and rated all of them. Incidentally, they also offer a great product with toppings (spicy sausage) that still have us talking. Go for the pizza, stay for the bathrooms. Or the other way around, just go.

Best Seat - 122 Pizza Bistro
Not to be confused with a Best Seating honor, Best Seat goes to the very best chair, bench, or booth in a Stamford pizza restaurant. In this case, Best Seat was awarded to 122 Pizza Bistro's lavish, velveteen benches lining the back walls.

Best Mother@#$%ing Waitstaff - Tracks
This award goes to the waitstaff (or in this case, owner) who swore at us the most profusely while somehow bolstering a friendly, neighborhood atmosphere of attentive, personable waiters and waitresses.

Surprisingly Good - Brennan's
Not unlike the Diamond in the Rough honor, Surprisingly Good is awarded to the restaurant with the best pizza despite our preconceived notions of it being just another sloppy bar pie. Be not afraid, drinkers-but-not-eaters of Brennan's, the pizza is surprisingly good.

Most Fun - Vinny's Backyard
This award goes to the home of the most plucky signs, hilariously forged autographed photos, and flat-screen TVs. We've happily re-visited Vinny's for drinks and wings on numerous occasions and would love to make it our go-to college football bar if they'll play Michigan football games in the fall. Wink wink.

Bageliest Pizza - Liz Sue Bagels
This award goes to the pizza that tastes most like a bagel. Liz Sue absolutely ran away with this one.

Most Cheese - Garibaldi Mexican Grill (and Pizza)
This prize is awarded to the pizzeria to jam the most cheese on a crust, defying the laws of physics and all that is right in this world to deliver the artery-cloggingist likeness of Pizza the Hutt that we've ever seen.

Closed - Sammy G's
This one really goes without saying.

Most Bulletproof - Lucy's Pizza Parlor
This award goes to the pizzeria that can best withstand an onslaught of bullets and shrapnel. While we're unsure if Lucy's quarter-inch Plexiglas with pizza box sized hole is completely bulletproof, we know that it is at least the most bulletproof.

Closest to Teitelbaum - Long Ridge Tavern
This distinguished honor is awarded to the pizzeria closest to the Teitelbaum compound. That's it.

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