July 22, 2009

To Our New Readers:

We recently received a rub from the old media and as such, have come across quite a few new readers in the last two days. Welcome.

It might seem to some like this Stamford Pizza Tournament thing was but an elaborate scheme to land a few free pizzas, but rest assured, we did quite a bit of homework beforehand. The Tournament was, quite simply, a culmination of our little dog and pony show, the Stamford Pizza Tour. Over the last six months, we've sampled (and paid for) over 100 types of pizza at over 50 pizzerias around town at the rapid-fire clip of at least two a week and, in addition to shortening our lifespans considerably, amassed quite a bit of admittedly subjective data that led us to the final eight.

For an excellent insider's view of a single leg of the Tour (i.e. where all that nonsense data came from), be sure to visit JR at Streets of Stamford, namely his post, My night with the Stamford Pizza Tour that he wrote following his inclusion as a guest judge on our first trip to Stamford Pizzeria back in May. You'll find his article both informative and amusing, and hopefully some of his Stamford-but-not-pizza-related items will strike your fancy as well.

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