October 30, 2009

From the Mailbag!

So, after what seemed like months off the pizza trail, we’re back in business with reviews of a few Norwalk eateries (our take on John’s Best is below, Letizia’s is forthcoming). Our hiatus has consisted primarily of failing to organize a tri-blog excursion to New Haven and fielding the same question over and over, so here are some redundant emails in hopes of clarifying our would-be reviews of some of the new blood on the Stamford pizza scene.

“Hi - are you planning to review Coalhouse pizza soon?  We would love to know about this new pizza place.” – Julie and Family

As it turns out, with Coalhouse being a Stamford pizzeria, we would be remiss if we—

“Hey guys.  Try the Sicilian or the Gourmet Pizzas at Nonna's.  Worth a solid review. Great pizza....” – J.

Guess you can’t have one without the other now, can you? So yeah, Coalhouse, Nonna’s, anything else that happens to pop up—

“Coalhouse and Nonna's in Ridgeway Center; When are you guys going there?” -Peter

Alright! We’re on it. The gaudy neon “COALHOUSE PIZZA” beacon has been screaming at us for a while now and we’ve had our eye on Nonna’s since the awning went up in February. We’re on it. The problem is, we’re a man short from when we reviewed all of the other pizzerias in Stamford, and we’d kind of like his input on these places too. Also, we’d like to give these new guys a chance to set their feet in Stamford and get everything up and running at long term capacity (as opposed to grand opening hoopla capacity). As soon as Dan makes his triumphant return to The City That Works, the axe will fall and you’ll see comprehensive reviews of the newcomers.

With that said, don’t wait on us by any means. If you “would love to know about” any of these new pizza places, go to them. Feed both your face and the local economy. Send us your opinions, give us a bit of a preview (we might even use it on the site), but don’t let us make up your mind for you. Consume.

That is all.

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  1. Hey there! I have this great idea - it's kinda new and novel and I bet you've never heard of it, but what if you guys went to Coalhouse Pizza?! Love and kisses, Stamford Notes


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