February 28, 2009

Hope Pizza Restaurant

Hope Pizza is another of the go-to restaurants for at least one of our judges (see Ridgeway Pizza), and with good reason. Located on Hope Street, Hope Pizza Restaurant is a fantastic establishment with very good pizza that you'll definitely enjoy.

Establishment. Hope Pizza is a family staple in Stamford with a menu that goes beyond simply pizza with a very well-rounded offering. A Greek diner ambiance and ample seating set the stage for a wonderful dining experience complete with top-notch service and a family-friendly atmosphere. Their relatively generous parking lot fills up fast on a Friday night as loyal patrons arrive in droves, often with children in tow. The only negative that we can manage to scrape together is that the booths sit peculiarly low relative to the tables, and we're grasping at straws with that one.

Pizza. Hope's pizza is excellent to say the least. With a perfect Greek-style buttery crust, quality cheese, and expertly seasoned sauce, this pizza arrived at the table screamingly hot and stayed as such until we could not eat any more. The toppings (pepperoncini, pronounced "banana peppers") were both unique and very good. As with most Greek pizzas however, Hope falls into the "stupid square slices" category, adversely affecting both its otherwise flawless texture and ingredient slip on (or more accurately, off of) the center squares. Greek tradition be damned, those middle pieces are an abomination and we have yet to devise an effective consumption technique. These last-to-be-picked crustless slices are like the kids no one wants to pick for their team in wiffle ball. In the big picture though, this is a minor nick on a very good pizza that should be tried by all.

The bottom line. Hope Pizza Restaurant is the blueprint for good Greek pizza in Stamford that the whole family will enjoy time and time again.

Establishment: 24/30
Pizza: 24/30
Hits the Spot: 9/10
Large Cheese: $12.50

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2009 – Best Greek Pizza

2009 – Tournament Finalist (5th place)


  1. We here ya on the weirdness of cutting round pizza into squares. We just moved from New Jersey and are on a request ourselves for good pizza. Just cant get over all the places that try to fit a square peg into a round hole. . .I'm intrigued to hear your feedback on Colony Grill. Althought its excellent - we still want a traditional NY style pizza in Stamford.

  2. try ridgeway pizza,its as close to new york style as youre gonna get in stamford,really great pizza,eat it there rite out the oven,

    also if youre a new customer,let them know ,they will give you a slice on the house,real nice people....tony

  3. if your lookin for NY style pizza, go to luigi's on high ridge road or heights pizza in darien. I recently moved here from pelham bay in the bronx and I found these two places to be the most like home.

  4. my friend if youre from the bronx and recommend luigis or heights pizza, you do not know good pizza,where did you get pizza in the bronx,in harlem,before you knock places in stamford ,try ridgeway pizza,sorrentos, and then post...by the way this is a blog about stamford pizza places,not darien,i was raised on arthur ave in the bronx and believe me i know good pizza...tony

  5. Just went there this weekend because they were in your top 10 and I have to say both myself and my husband disagree. This pizza had no taste and did not hit the spot at all. Very disappointed.

  6. man this site loses its credentials having hope this high up. Hope isnt bad pizza but there are so many better than a greek pizza place. I recomend nicks, ridgeway or belltown

  7. For blind detractors of Greek pizza in general, it'd probably be best to filter by feature (Italian-style) and read those reviews rather than blast a Greek pie just because its a Greek pie.


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