February 28, 2009

Vinny's Backyard Restaurant

This place is very fun. Vinny's Backyard Restaurant has a lot of character and offers a unique product at the very least. Located off the beaten path in Springdale amidst embroidery and custom signs shops, Vinny's offers the best of both worlds with a full, spacious bar equipped with TVs in the round as well as a conventional sit-down area with table service.

Establishment. Vinny's has a playful atmosphere unlike anything we've seen thus far, resembling (unsurprisingly) a backyard barbecue. Never to be shorted on wall trinkets, both the bar and dining room are loaded to the ceiling with a collection that would put the Applebee's to shame. The menu is very diverse, offering 12" bar pizzas, wings, ribs in the style of the defunct Fireside Restaurant, and daily specials. The wait staff was quick and attentive (also quick to charge for refills and not so quick to deliver the check...I had to slip that in) and tables were bussed at a lightning quick pace. We weren't too happy with the proximity of tables to one another or to entering customers but all in all, Vinny's establishment has been far and away our favorite.

Pizza. To be blunt, Vinny's isn't going to win any awards for their pizza. The crust is extremely thin and crackeresque and serves only as a vehicle for cheese and sauce, neither of which is anything to write home about. If a cracker crust is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place, otherwise, you'll be disappointed with the texture as well. It came as no surprise to us when our paper thin pizza cooled to room temperature on its tumultuous journey from the oven to the table. On the upside, this made for a very high resistance to the dreaded ingredient slip.

The bottom line. Vinny's is an excellent bar and grill with a bold, local flair and and an unparalleled dining room experience (also, they happen to serve pizza).

Establishment: 26/30
Pizza: 17/30
Hits the Spot: 7/10
Large Cheese: $8.00 (12")

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2009 – Most Fun

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  1. I like Vinny's pizza! Not to say you're wrong with your review but in my opinion it should rank higher on the list. And it's only $5 on Mondays


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