February 24, 2009

Luigi's Restaurant

Luigi's is an interesting restaurant as it manages to squander all of its potential to surpass any other pizza establishment by neglecting the task at hand. They've got a great location, tons of parking, a beautiful, comfortable dining room and excruciatingly average pizza. Luigi's is so average, it's almost bad.

Establishment. As we've stated, you can get away with taking a gypsy caravan to Luigi's with more than enough room to park and sit. Intimately lit, this restaurant's atmosphere is bar none. With a little effort, Luigi's could snuff out their negligent servers and stop charging for fountain drink refills and run away with the Best Establishment title. But alas, we had to beg for our bill after our waitress disappeared only to find we'd been charged for an extra few sodas.

Pizza. We're hard pressed to deem Luigi's pizza anything other than average. The cheese was alright. The crust wasn't anything special. The sauce wasn't anything to write home about. We can't quite recall what the topping of choice was, so we'll say it was forgettable. Average. Par for the course. If Luigi's was a hole in the wall, its pizza would have scored higher. Unfortunately for them, low lights, traditional Italian music, and complementary buttered rolls have a tendency of setting the bar a little higher than they could jump.

The bottom line. When you go to Luigi's, order spaghetti.

Establishment: 23/30
Pizza: 17/30
Hits the Spot: 4/10
Large Cheese: $12.95

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  1. my experience at Luigi's was always great. A Family run restaurantant that knows thier customers. Delicious choices for the specials.The food and Pizza has been number 1 in my family for years. Whats one mans opinion against so many customers. Luigis has been around since the 70's. They must be doing something right

  2. We'll just have to agree to disagree. We've put together a pretty comprehensive review of our experience at Luigi's, and having been to 20+ other restaurants in the past month, we can say that it was decidedly below average.

    This is not to say that any loyal fans of Luigi's are wrong, this is only an account of our less than stellar dining experience on a single given night. As one can imagine, we cannot afford to evaluate any single restaurant on anything more than a single isolated experience that may or may not be representative of the restaurant's normal operations.

  3. I started eating at Luigi's when it opened, but was turned off for a while. The pizza seemed lackluster and lacked that real pizza taste. Salad wasn't that good, and overall, I didn't feel the food was that good. I took a break from them for about 4 years. I recently ordered from them out of curiosity, and WOW. I don't know what they did but their pizza tastes amazing now. Crust is always crisp with that yeasty taste, sauce seems balanced with that "true Italian" taste, and the cheese is stringy. I have since ordered from there at least once a week. I don't know what they did, but keep it up!

  4. I just discovered your site and love it! However, I am disappointed in your review of Luigi's. I have to be honest I have never heard anyone make a negative comment about this restaurant.

    I have been eating there for years and love the food. The pizza is delicious. I consider it comfort food when in this day and age everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak with these abstract toppings and bizarre combinations.

    The service has always been friendly, fast and professional. It's a shame you had a bad experience, I highly recommend you give Luigi's another try.


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