July 27, 2009

Stamford Pizza Tour Awards

When we started the Pizza Tour, we were absolutely set on giving out an award for Best Pizza and Best Establishment. It was ingrained in the lineage of the Tour, however, to expand these two awards to about thirty of them. We've already had our fun with Superlatives and doled out seemingly obligatory Best of the Neighborhood honors, so here's some of the more cut-and-dried winners from around Stamford that absolutely deserve recognition.

Best Pizza - Amore
This should be no surprise, as we've pretty openly posted our numbers throughout this months-long process with Amore topping the pack, if only by the slimmest of margins, and taking the "regular season" recognition in addition to our Pizza Tournament honors.

Best Establishment - Spazzio
This also shouldn't be much of a surprise, as Spazzio has had a stranglehold over Establishment scores since we reviewed them in March. Their pepper guy- and cheese man-having tendencies edged out Vinny's crap-on-walls-having tendencies by fractions of a point, as we're typically suckers for cloth napkins, free bread, and three foot tall pepper mills.

Best Delivery Pizza - Ridgeway Pizza
Ridgeway got hammered in the Establishment column for not really having a dining room to speak of. That said, they are the best pizzeria featured on our Tour to offer delivery and while Ridgeway's pizzas are extraordinary if enjoyed hot out of the oven in the confines of their tiny dining area, they also travel very, very well (unlike a certain sixth place pizza...).

Best Greek Pizza - Hope Restaurant
To those confused by Hope's inclusion in the Pizza Tournment, this is Greek pizza. Compared to Italian-style pies, it's a completely different animal and Hope Pizza, with their buttery, airy crust, traditional Greek toppings, and asinine way of cutting round things into squares, wins hands down.

Most Improvement Needed - Speedy Pizza
MIN has traditionally been the Razzie of our storied food Tours, and this is no exception. Speedy Pizza has the absolute worst pizza in Stamford, without question. We thought Michelina's would put up a good fight with its floppy circle of garbage pizza, but Speedy was utterly dominant in every category, from its cheap, tasteless ingredients to its horrible, frozen pizza-esque crust. With a 20 minute cook time, its hardly Speedy either.

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